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Cole's origin is mysterious. His parents left him at an orphanage in Flounder, where he struggled with bullies and learning disabilities. His only love was learning about the legendary heroes of Eld. After he left the orphanage, Cole pursued a career as an adventurer. After many years trying to break into the business, he booked his first quest; to rescue the princess of Redlund.


Fun Facts: Cole enjoys naming his weapons, listening to stories, and fighting monsters.

During his first quest, Cole met his closest friends and allies. He also made the acquaintance of Diesel, a rare black unicorn. While Diesel would not consider himself anyone’s pet, he allows Cole to ride him in exchange for food and care. Although Diesel is just a baby, he is still a force to be reckoned with. His horn is imbued with healing magic. When it grows to its full length, it will be a deadly lance.


Fun Facts: Diesel enjoys attention (on his terms), eating hay, and protecting the pure of heart.


Domina is princess of the elves. She is also captain of the queen’s rangers, a position she would prefer to keep forever rather than inherit the elven throne. She is the most accomplished of all elves and has only lost in battle once, to the evil warlock Il I'Tir.


Like most elves, she is mistrustful of humans but after meeting Cole and his friends, her opinion might change.


Fun Facts: Domina is proficient in dual blade combat and can fire a full quiver of arrows in seconds and never miss her target.


Hikari Musha was once a renowned paladin, serving the cleric Bateren at the Temple of Rey in Sanshain. Upon his cleric’s death, he lost the status of paladin and became a fallen paladin. 


Although he still wields the same powers granted by his god, Rey, he no longer carries the honorable status associated with paladin. His new mission is to find his lost brother and restore their honor.

Fun Facts: Hikari wields the Sun Sword, a katana that channels the power of the sun -- blinding light, scorching blade, rays of heat.


Macario Nazaam is a wizard in search of the meaning of life. Once he answers that riddle, he may return to the Maji tribe and assume his place as its chief. But he's in no rush to take up his father's mantle.

There is so much to learn about the world and the magic that influences it. Macario is an avid reader of history and spell books. While he has fought in a few battles, he prefers to avoid conflict and seek peaceful resolutions.

Fun Facts: Macario knows more spells than he admits. He is reluctant to use violent spells such as fireballs, ice rays, and lightning bolts when illusions or intimidating spells can be used instead.

Maisie is a talking rat. She grew up in sewers and lived a quiet life as a scavenger before she met Cole. Shortly after their meeting, she befriended Macario and is on the path to becoming his familiar.

Fun Facts: Maisie has yet to tap into Macario’s energy pool and use magic.


Pal’s real name is unknown. He has used many names in his life, but prefers the nickname Cole gave him when they first met. His desire for wealth stems from his upbringing as a slave.


After he escaped from his captors, he promised himself he would never be poor again and has done everything in his power to amass as much wealth as possible. Even if it means breaking the law.

Fun Facts: Pal is a locksmith by trade and can surpass any lock he comes across.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, A.D. Greer lives in Sunnyside, Queens with his wife and their adorable cocker spaniel. 

Fun Facts: The Legends of Eld: The Dragon of Elfwood is his first novel. 

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